Senior Care Insurance Services

By Woodrow Wilcox

On June 7, 2017, an elderly woman visited my office to discuss a medical bill problem. She is from Hobart, Indiana.

She brought a bill from a hospital in Illinois for my review. The bill claimed that a charge of $5,005 had been filed with Medicare and that the balance which she owed was $1,143.19. I reviewed the papers that she brought and believed that there was a problem with this bill. It just did not seem correct to me. So, with the client, I started making phone calls to investigate the bill.

In our phone call to the client’s Medicare supplement insurance company, we learned that Medicare never sent a claim for $5,005 to the insurance company. In our phone call to Medicare, we learned that the hospital never sent a claim for $5,005 to Medicare. The hospital was violating Medicare rules by billing the senior citizen directly instead of filing the claim with Medicare.

I wrote a letter to the hospital and had our client sign the letter because there were details with the letter which only the client has a legal right to send through the mail.

It was a clear case of someone at the hospital making a mistake and not following the rules. I believe that the error will be corrected and that our client will owe nothing and save $1,143.19 because I helped her. All the help that I gave her was FREE OF CHARGE. This insurance agency “goes the extra mile” to help our clients in such Medicare medical bill problem matters. If your insurance agent or agency does not “go the extra mile” for senior citizen clients, maybe you should switch to one that does.